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"Welcome to Eagle's Nest, where our future is conceived, hatched, groomed and mentored..."

Eagle's Nest is a community Hub developed to inspire and engage children and young adults across the communities in Africa. The initiative is developed for personal development, learning new skills, build self-confidence and team work building. The centres will be based in the heart of the communities, offering and hosting an expanding range of programmes and activities, a creative space to make new friends and contribute to their development, community and country.

Our core value is to educate children outside the structured school environment and curriculum by providing a hub where they can meet with their peers after school, during half term and holidays to broaden their horizon, learning at their own pace and also to get young children off the street into an enabling environment where they can learn and at the same time have fun while developing their skills and talents.

The Hub will be accessible to all age groups and fully equipped with PCs to access various educational programs and curriculum such as Lego education program, brain training games, building and designing miniature race cars and race simulators. Eagle's Nest in each community will also serve as resource centre to access information and training guides to assist the youths to work on their projects and also share their works with others.

Eagle's Nest will be housed in a 40ft container powered by solar energy, which allows it to be placed in any location in Africa. All the Eagle's Nests would be connected to Racing Eagle network together via the Internet, giving members the opportunity to share infor mation and learn from one another.

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